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The Food Track Programs

The Hummus Experience 

Participants will be making a simple, easy and tasty Hummus dish, and master the art of Hummus eating. 

Over a plate of home made Hummus and a cup of mint tea, they will be discussing challenging dilemmas about the connection of food, society and culture in Israel. 

The Creativity Track Programs

The Great Jewish Monopoly

If you could establish another Jewish state, how would it look like?

Participants would be challenged in a fun, outgoing way to take in consideration our Jewish values, past and future to build a new utopian Jewish state. With the use of 4 Monopoly-like Boards, we would raise interesting questions about our community and our Jewish Values.


*This program is powered by The AviChai Foundation Innovation & FJC. 

The Interactive Track Programs

Tel Aviv Exhibition - QRrunTLV

An interactive exhibition that allows participants to choose their own educational journey and explore the people and the charm of the city Tel Aviv, through multimedia and social media. 

Through wide selection of videos, topics, photos and articles participants will discover the secrets of the city and will be planning the best trip to TLV.

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