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Management Styles

Inspired by the Screen

A fascinating and unique lecture on how to manage our lives, from dilemmas with our partners to challenging situations with colleagues and friends. The lecture combines two fascinating principals - one from the world of business management, and the other from the world of television and film.


The lecture draws its inspiration from the accomplishments and downfalls of popular small screen figures, using them as case demonstrators on how to manage and organize our lives.


The workshop uses Peter Drucker’s business management model, the father of modern management theory, and the founding father of the organizational structure of companies and organizations as we know them today (divided to departments: monetary, HR, marketing, etc.). The model is revealed as a way to examine how to better the management of our day to day lives.


Through Drucker’s model we analyse small screen characters and ask key questions such as what motivates them to action, and what makes them succeed?


The fascinating combination between these two elements enables a more informed, intelligent screen viewing; but furthermore, it provide you with the ability to use Drucker’s model in almost every situation: from job interview, through business meeting, even planning a wedding.


The workshop demonstrates how to use the model as a practical tool through a sneak-peak at various characters and situations from popular TV shows, including: “The Sopranos,” ”House of Cards,” “Breaking Bad,” Sex and the City,” and “Game of Thrones.”                

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