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Positive Psychology

Work with your strengths 

A journey that enables you to explore the theory of positive psychology, through examining the ways our mind works, our processes of thought, and the choices we make. It demonstrates how we should perceive the world in order to improve our sense of well-being and happiness in our lives.  


Participants will learn how our mind controls our behaviour and personality, leading us towards the decisions we make at work and in our personal lives.


Through discovering each participant’s points of strength, and through minor alterations in the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings, we can re-focus on what truly advances us, and our self-realization, reinforce feelings of happiness and joy, and highlight the sense of meaning in our lives.


Video clips, thought provoking games, quizzes and questionnaires from the most prestigious psychological research will be part of our tool-box in this workshop. These will allow us to demonstrate positive psychology theories, and by doing so, to promote and advance each participant’s personal sense of happiness and wellbeing.  

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