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From Stage to Business

Laban's Method for Business

Rudolf Laban was the theorist and founding father of the “Dance Notation Movement,” one of the most influential theories used to this day in modern dance and movement analysis. Laban was able to deconstruct and identify the various ways the body moves, investigating the influence of movement integrated with personal expression, and the ways these are interpreted.


Actors also use this method, which has expanded to include the influence of speech and intonation on the motivation of others.


Lawyers, lecturers, media professionals, educators and businessmen who interact daily with others, and whose job it is to motivate people and convey messages, consider this an imperative method to master.


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Feedback - Communicate Better with your Staff

In this workshop participants will experiment with standing in front of an audience and self presentation, as well as with giving feedback and other ways of communication.


Throughout the workshop we examine the differences between various forms of feedback as a significant tool for training, instruction and working with groups.   


The workshop emphasizes personal development through underscoring self-confidence and the importance of owning one’s professional experience. The workshop concludes with a reflective discussion, pointing out ways how to use the tools acquired on a daily basis, with co-workers and work teams on all levels of your organization.   

Non Verbal Communication

Body language has a central role in training, instructing and in standing in front of an audience. The story we tell through our eyes and body posture is no less important than the words we say and the intonation we use.


Through drama and theatre simulations we will demonstrates how to lead a group, improve our overall self confidence, and receive ideas and tools for our ongoing work with people and groups.


The workshop is an active workshop, and requires everyone’s participation as part of the experience.

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