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סדנה לפיתוח צוות, סדנאות העשרה, פיתוח צוות עיסקי, סדנאות, סדנה מעולה

What Leads You in Life


 True Colors

How to create a safe and encompassing work environment which will allow all of your employees to improve in their professional goals?


What types of people do I have better relationships with, and why?


How to bridge the gaps with those who have a different perspective than myself?


The workshop provides you with a simple, friendly, and practical way to manage social dynamics in a team setting. The workshop will teach you how to recognize the fundamental mechanisms which operate the people around you, to maximize your individual and group cooperation.


The model uses four pillars: Knowledge, Relationships, Tasks, and Organization, to define personalities and in what way we are leading our life with family, career, friends.


First, we will diagnose the unique color of each participant, what it says about their personality, and what are the key elements that motivate them.


Next, through interactive challenges, we examine how their personality comes into play in various social interactions and teamwork situations.


The True Colors Workshop is an empowering and team-building workshop, which will provide you with practical tools to better understand yourself and those around you, from a new and exciting perspective.

.תודה! אצור איתך קשר בהקדם

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